Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Shattered House lino cuts, version 1, 45 x 45 cms, square orientation, version 2, 61 x 48 cms vertical orientation, v1, 2 artist proofs and an edition marked 1-5, v2, 2 artist proofs and an edition marked 1-23


The Shattered House lino cuts are based on a series of painted constructions from my Disaster Ship series which are based on a photograph from the 1917 Halifax Explosion. The Shattered House painted construction depicted in this entry is the American Linoleum version, c. 2012. You'll find more info about the Shattered House works deeper in the blog. The Shattered House lino cuts were printed by master printer Guillermo Trejo at the Ottawa School of Art printmaking studio in July 2022. The work was funded by the City of Ottawa arts funding program.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Moncton CN Buildings Triptych, lino cut 36 x 63 cms in three sections incorporating, center, Moncton CN Buildings in 1998, right, NB Tell Tower, left, The Ocean Limited Passing Dorchester at Night, 2022, edition of 14 and one artist proof, work available as a suite of three prints with framing instructions


The Moncton CN Buildings Triptych is based on a painted construction work of mine from c. 1994 titled Moncton CN Buildings with Transmission Tower add on and the Ocean Limited Passing Dorchester at Night, private collection. Ottawa

For information on the Sang-Mêlés Acadien of Western Nova Scotia

I've noticed the link sometimes doesn't work. The link is valid and safe, a simple extension of my main blog. If you have trouble linking, a Google search with: 

the sang meles acadien of western nova scotia    will take you there.

Aulac, lino cuts, 2 framed artist proofs 24 x 47cm. printed at James Street, framed by Patrick Gordon. Private collections Ottawa

This version of Aulac is based on the first panel of my Aulac, N.B. May 24, 1998 (2001) panoramic train piece in the collection of the Owens Art Gallery. You'll find an image of Aulac deeper in the blog.